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File 11 - The Mystery of Oak Hollow


A week long camping trip with their friends is just what the Stark brothers needed. The Kootenai National Forest in the upper northwest corner of Montana near the Idaho state line and the Canadian border provides challenges, but also complete relaxation with its beauty.

The vacation turns strange when the boys find their campsite ransacked and they have the feeling of being watched.

When the boys stumble upon the town of Oak Hollow, which doesn't appear on any map, is where the vacation turns from strange to bizarre.

What's the mystery of a town that doesn't exist?

From the odd behavior of the townspeople to the lack of any knowledge about the outside world, the friends from Raven Cliff Cove discover they could be in dire straits.

Bobby and Brandon soon realize they must solve the mystery fast before they, along with their friends, fall victim to the town's secret.


The phenomenon continues... 

softcover, 196 pages  Price: $7.95 


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Who dares take on the unknown?

Raven Cliff Cove. The land of mystery and suspense.

The exciting series for ages  12 and older  will keep you on the edge of your seats, and send you on an adventure that will keep you wanting more. Two brothers, Bobby and Brandon Stark, have a passion for action and mystery as they delve into the unknown.

The first mystery is only the beginning of a deeper secret that will send the Stark brothers, as well as their family, into a whirlwind of mystery and suspense. Underlining the series is a larger mystery, known only to the Starks as, The Project.

What is The Projects objective?

As the series unfolds, the boys will uncover more and more details about the project and the members behind it.

Each book in the series is in itself its own mystery, while several volumes will give the Stark brothers, and sometimes only the readers, clues and information regarding the larger conspiracy.


With specialty books including, Halloween Thrillers, Whodunits, and upcoming Cold Case, Colossal Files, and Urban Legends mysteries...there's never a shortage of action, mystery, and suspense with The Stark Files!!!

Do you dare take on the unknown?  

Immerse yourself in The Stark Files Mystery Series!


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